District Magazine – FLOGG the new California Dream

Shoe lovers, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion (and vice versa) anymore.  FLOGG has arrived!  FLOGG, a combination hybrid shoe derived from two iconic types of footwear, the flip flop and the clog, is a recent innovation in shoes. FLOGGs are very fashionable yet very comfortable. Constructed from a chunky wood base topped with EVA, the supple material most flip flops are made of, FLOGG meets all of the needs of every type of fashionista.

FLOGG is the brainchild of veteran shoe designer, Carol de Leon. After designing for different fashion contemporary and comfort shoe brands, she decided to build FLOGG, which is the first brand she owns. Because de Leon was inspired by the chic California lifestyle, there is a certain ease to the shoe. “The California chic type of lifestyle where you aren?t trying so hard and the beach lifestyle is what you see mostly in the line. It’s very easy, uncomplicated, fun, play,” de Leon said. “There’s this certain chicness that we [brought] to this casualness.?

Although FLOGG was only launched in March 2013, it’s now available in over 20 countries and in various retail stores in the U.S. such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s. FLOGG also recently launched its own store on its website (www.wearfloggs.com) where you can order shoes directly from the de Leon’s company. So, get your pair now!